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Here you can read all about, a scrap gold dealer. Before you sell gold or other precious metal or gold jewelry to any scrap gold dealer it is wise to do some due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are GreenForGold first started their website in October 2005 and have been online since then. The site is registered as Green4Gold Inc

GreenForGold Customer Service

GreenForGold state they are open from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm eastern standard time and are available by the phone number displayed prominently on their site.

Although these are not currently linked from the front page there is a page showing their privacy policy, and terms and conditions, offer a 24 hour payment system for those in a hurry to get funds for their scrap gold.

Also, per the terms page any customer or prospective customer "…may request Ralph Alexander to provide a telephone or e-mail quote for his or her items after such items have arrived at Ralph Alexander's processing facility. Verbal offers may, at the discretion of Ralph Alexander, be recorded. Upon a verbal acceptance by the customer of the telephone or e-mail quote, payment will be issued by Ralph Alexander within twenty four (24) hours of such acceptance, and the three (3) day from issuance customer satisfaction holding period guaranty will no longer be applicable to such transaction."

They will insure the GreenForGold envelope they send you but will be limited to one-third (1/3) of the value of the total content, or One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, whichever is less. So if you are sending anything worth more than $30 it is well worth insuring yourself for what you consider is the expected value.

The free GreenForGold Kit contains:
1. Payment Request Form
2. Postage Paid Indestructible Tyvek® Return Envelope.
3. Unique Coded Material Envelope.
You can contact GreenForGold prior to payment to find out what the payment will be. Make k=notes when you do. Time, date, who you spoke to, the persons description of the item and the amount they intend to pay.

When you send the item write "Please Contact With Quote" on the form that is included with the shipment.

What do GreenForGold Buy
GreenForGold buy the following:
10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k Gold
Bench Scrap
Credit Suisse and other gold bars
Silver, Silverware, Sterling Silver
Used Jewelry,
Broken Jewelry
GreenForGold also buy semiprecious dental work material, such as crown and bridge, gold inlays and onlays, palladium alloys...anything with precious metal content, old karat gold and gold-filled jewelry, sterling silver and platinum. Fine Jewelry and Fine Gold Coins, Bars, Bullion.

GreenForGold maintains a state-of-the-art assay laboratory.

How Much do GreenForGold Pay for Scrap Gold

On the website, daily scrap gold prices for various karats of scrap gold are displayed.

Note that pays in pennyweights (DWT) One pennyweight is equal to 24 grains and 1.55 grams=1 pennyweight. Also 1/20th of a troy ounce, or approximately 0.055 ounces.
With karats:
10K Usually Stamped 10K or 417.
14K Usually Stamped 14K or 585.
18K Usually Stamped 18K or 750.
22K Usually stamped 22K or 916.
24K Usually stamped 24K.
You can select from a choice of choice of Check, U.S. Postal Money Order, or Electronic Wire, all secure and quick forms of payment. Also PayPal is available.

Waiting Period For A GreenForGold Claim
The terms and conditions indicate that a customer who wishes to submit a claim to Ralph Alexander must wait at least sixty (60) days before submitting a claim form. The customer must submit any and all supporting documentation with the completed and signed claim form. Failure to properly complete, sign and/or mail the claim form will result in the denial of the claim by Ralph Alexander. So it is a good idea to ensure you have all the complete paper work whenever you sell gold to This would include details of any phone calls, who you spoke to when and time and day and any amounts or figures discussed.

Last Word on GreenForGold
GreenForGold are registered members of the JA NY(Jewelers Association of NY).

If you have sold any scrap gold, gold coins, gold jewelry or gold bullion to, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and payments including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.

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