Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Arch Enterprises

Read all about Arch Enterprises, website archenterprises.com, one of the major scrap gold dealers in the marketplace. Before you sell scrap gold or other precious metal or gold jewelry to any scrap gold dealer it is always wise to do some due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are Arch Enterprises
Arch Enterprises, based in Missouri, is a precious metal recovery company also known as a precious metal scrap dealer. They were incorporated in 1997 and provide not just scrap dealer services but a precious metal refining service as well.

They will recover gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium. They also perform precious metal extraction services for a variety of industries including photo, medical, dental and jewelry industries as well as from manufacturing and plating operations

They are a member of the Mexico Chamber of Commerce and are endorsed by the Missouri Dental Association. They also have also been audited by several Fortune 500 Companies and have a positive Dunn and Bradstreet Rating.

Overseeing all their recovery and extraction processes is one Philip Van Biljon, an expert metallurgist experienced in handling all forms of scrap metals. He has worked in the precious metal recovery and the investment casting industries in the US, Israel and South Africa.

In short, Arch Enterprises are not a middleman or materials broker but are a company which handles large and small amounts of scrap gold, scrap silver, scrap platinum, and most other specialty metals like rhodium, palladium and ruthenium and deals direct with the client.

Customer Service at Arch Enterprises
As part of their endorsement with the Missouri Dental Association (MDA), Arch Enterprises offer special refining rates to MDA members for all of the precious metals we recover from scrap dental gold material.

They state also that, "We will also make a monetary contribution to MDA for each member’s shipment that we receive and process. We recognize the need for a reputable refiner to service the state of Missouri and believe this program will help MDA and its members benefit from the services Arch Enterprises offers the dental community."

There is a form on site for one to fill out and post with any gold or precious metal item one wants to send in for sale or refinement.

Most business is done by phone and email however.

The archenterprises.com web sire contains the basics of what Arch Enterprises does including refining. Arch Enterprises will refine gold from scrap gold and return the finished gold to the customer. This applies to scrap silver, scrap platinum and palladium.

How To Sell Gold to Arch Enterprises
It is easy to sell gold to archenterprises.com. One simply emails archenterprises.com with item descriptions and weight (if known, and archenterprises.com will email back a custom estimate of what one can expect as payment. Then when the item is shipped and received, Arch Enterprises sends either a check or makes a PayPal payment to the customers designated PayPal account usually within a week

Descriptions should include, the name of the item, what carat gold it is, the weight of the item. If one considers there are other precious metals in the item as one can receive payment for those also.

Items can include:
Scrap Dental Gold including gold fillings, gold dental crowns.
EP Catheter Recycling of platinum from cardiac catheters.
X-Ray Recycling.
Photographic Film Recycling. These can contain silver and gold.
Scrap Jewelry Recycling. Old jewelry, damaged gold and silver jewelry
Scrap Gold, including coils, shavings, gold dust,
Sell Scrap Platinum
Silver & Gold Coins
Old scrap gold
Bent/Broken jewelry, including 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, 24k gold
Unwanted jewelry
Sterling flatware
Gold Pins/Brooches
Any other precious metals, such as silver, platinum, palladium etc.
Any other gold or precious metal such as in phone and circuit boards may possibly be accepted for gold extraction (check first before sending).

Note. If you know the karat weight it is important to mention that as it will affect the price you get from archenterprises.com.

The Last Word on Arch Enterprises
Just as an interesting item. Many devices used in cardiac procedures in the medical arena are rich in valuable platinum, especially electrophysiology catheters. Arch Enterprises is active in including hospitals located across the U.S. in their platinum recovery program.

The EP labs simply ship in the tips and within 10 business days they return payment to them. Arch Enterprises metallurgist handles the EP platinum directly and begin using advanced refining techniques to rapidly recover the most platinum possible. They recycle the platinum and return payment to the EP departments concerned, based on the actual amount of platinum content located in the catheter tips.

If you have sold any scrap gold, gold coins, gold jewelry or gold bullion to Arch Enterprises, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and payments, including any archenterprises.com online complaints and special attention or service given by archenterprises.com online.

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