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Read about Gold Kit, the scrap gold dealers and find out more about them before you send them your scrap gold. Before you sell scrap gold or other precious metals or gold jewelry to any scrap gold dealer, it is a wise move to do some due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are GoldKit is owned by Lippincott, LLC. ( The president of which is David Taffet. It was established in March 1990 and so has been in operation for over 17 years.

Gold Kit are based in Narberth in Pasadena, USA and also run three other websites,,, and

GoldKit Customer Service
GoldKit usually respond with payment within 7 days but do offer a 24 hour service. All services may be limited by FedEx and postal delays.

You can call during business hours and they also have email as well as phone contacts. They do not accept walk ins at the premises.

What GoldKit Buy
Gold Kit will buy the following scrap gold:
Broken or Single Earrings
Broken Chains
Charms and Pendants
Class Ring
Foreign Gold Coins
Items with Removed Stones
Outdated Items
Wedding Rings
Service Pins
Gold Casting
How to Send Scrap Gold to GoldKit
It is easy to send scrap gold to GoldKit.
You simply apply for a GoldKit gold recycling pack. This is free and will be sent to you at the address you have provided in a standard business envelope. It includes three components:

  1. Your custom, bar-coded receipt form that tells GoldKit where to send your check and provides you with other useful information
  2. A thick (6mil) polymer bag to safely hold your scrap gold
  3. An envelope in which you can mail the receipt form and bag

All you need to do is fill out the form, put your gold items in the bag, put the form and bag in the envelope and put it in the mail. Postage and insurance are prepaid by GoldKit.

GoldKit Guaranty Against Loss and Limitations of Liability
If there is a loss of the contents of a GoldKit™ that you properly shipped to Lippincott in accordance with the instructions and procedures set forth on the™ web site, Lippincott will guaranty you against such loss, subject to these terms and conditions:

  • Lippincott’s limit their liability under such loss guaranty to one-third (1/3) of the value of the lost contents or One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars, whichever is less.

If you think your gold, jewelry or other property is worth more than $100.00, it is recommended that you insure your shipment for more yourself, using any carrier you choose. Ensure that there is no reference to gold, scrap gold or any other precious metal on the envelope, however.

How do GoldKit Pay You
As soon as your scrap gold arrives at GoldKit, they will make an assessment of the value and will send out a check within 24 hours.

The assessment will depend upon:
  • Whether or not your items contain gold or other precious metals and gems
  • The purity of the gold or other precious metals and the quality of the gems
  • The weight of the gold, precious metals, and/or gems
The amount of your check will depend on this evaluation.

Remember, the scrap gold price GoldKit pays for your scrap gold does not reflect retail prices. It will, rather, reflect the price of the gold in the items. GoldKit state that they pay by weight, the more gold the more they will pay.

If for any reason you are not happy with their payment for your recycled gold material, you are invited to receive your material back insured at GoldKit's expense. They simply ask that you return their check pursuant to the terms of the GoldKit™ Guarantee.*

The Last Word on GoldKit
GoldKit are also members of the jewelersboard, jewelerssecurity, ipmi and jvclegal.

If you have sold any scrap gold, gold coins, gold jewelry or gold bullion to, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and payments given by online.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get Gold Cash

Here you can read about scrap gold dealer, Prior to selling any scrap gold or other precious metal or gold jewelry to any scrap gold dealer it is always a wise thing to do some due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are Get Gold Cash
In August 2006, Get Gold Cash, Inc. was formally chartered to begin online operations and their website was started in January 2008.

Craig R. Nusinov, who runs GetGoldCash, is a fourth generation precious metals buyer and jeweler, tracing his lineage directly to his paternal great grandfather who started the Maryland chartered corporation of the Nusinov Jewelry family in Baltimore, MD in 1923. Nusinov Jewelry is currently ran by Craig R. Nusinov.

Get Gold Cash are a national company. They service clients in all US states. Due to insurance regulations their offices are not open to the public. All their business is done by mail and phone.

How does Get Gold Cash Work
Get Gold Cash have a very easy and simple three step process. You simply request a "Get Gold Cash Recycle Pack" either online or by calling their toll free number and they will mail you a free pack.

The Get Gold Cash Recycle Pack includes a welcome and explanation letter, a brochure explaining how to send the items to them, a poly bag for your items, and a tear resistant Tyvek First Class Mail Envelope to put the items into. You will need to ensure you tear your Customer Information brochure as indicated to include your contact information with your items.

When you receive the "Get Gold Cash Recycle Pack," you simply place your scrap gold and other precious metals into the plastic poly bag that has your pre-printed label information. You then drop the bag in the envelop and mail it back to Get Gold Cash.

Always ensure you include not only your name, address and contact information but a complete description of the item or items you are including.

All Get Gold Cash Recycle Packs are insured for up to $500 USD against theft but if you believe your items are worth more than that, you will need to ring Get Gold Cash and arrange for pre-paid Fed Ex shipping, insurance cost is picked up by Get Gold Cash.

When the scrap gold or other items arrive at Get Gold Cash they are kept in their insured vault, under lock and key in their secured office premises.

What do Get Gold Cash Buy
www.getgoldcash buy all the usual scrap gold items as well as jewelry, gemstones and silver. Here is a list of the scrap gold and precious metals will buy.
Old scrap gold
Bent/Broken Jewelry
Unwanted Jewelry
Cluster Rings
Class Rings
Sterling Silver
Swiss Watches
Estate jewelry
Antique Items
Gold Pins/Brooches
Vintage Items
Dental Gold
Precious metals
10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, 24k Gold
They do not buy Rolled Gold Plate or Gold Filled Jewelry. buy sterling silver jewelry marked 925, 950 or 999 fine silver. Also broken earrings, bracelets, chains, pendants, diamond jewelry, school rings, anklets, old ring mountings and more.

What do Get Gold Cash pay?
Get Gold Cash pay for gold on the pennyweight system. A Pennyweight is one twentieth of an ounce. The price will vary depending on the spot value of gold and will be just below the value of gold for that day. If you want to know what Get Gold cash will pay for your gold, ring them and ask for a quote prior to them sending you a check.

Get Gold Cash will price your scrap gold and jewelry on the basis of a number of factors including weight and desirability. As soon as your items arrive in their office they inspect and account for all metals, gold, silver, platinum etc, as well as any jewelry including diamonds.

For Diamonds over one half carat, Get Gold Cash price according to the Four C's: carat weight, color, clarity and cut. The return on diamonds is generally not very much, but this applies wherever you sell them. More information on diamonds is available at do not make any charge for handling fees, shipping fees, assay fees or weight inspection fees. On customer packages with items that weigh in less than 5 pennyweights, Get Gold Cash use a competitive graduated scale to maintain the highest payouts.

Get Gold Cash Payment Options
Get Gold Cash's payment option is a check sent by return mail priority paid for your scrap gold and other items. For transactions over $2,500 USD, PayPal and direct deposit/wire are used.

The Last Word on Get Gold Cash is a member of eTrust. They were certified in January 2008.

It is worth noting that Get Gold Cash has a policy on legal requirements. They state on their website, "We are registered with the State of Maryland as a Precious Metals Dealer. We abide by all local, State and Federal regulations, where applicable. We do not knowingly deal with criminals and we never have. We fully comply with all legal investigations. We strive to complete all transactions within the confines of normal business dealings. If we suspect something is not right about a deal, items will be immediately shipped back or turned over to the local enforcement authorities."

Get Gold Cash have a very close affiliation with Earthworks(tm), which is an environment lobby group in the United States which seeks to further prevent unlawful mining practices. In effect, Get Gold Cash are urban miners of gold and strive to pursue green policies which limit devastating environment impact.

If you have sold any scrap gold, gold coins, gold jewelry or gold bullion to, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and payments including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.

Friday, May 9, 2008

US Gold Buyers

Here you can read all about, a scrap gold dealer. Before you sell any scrap gold or other precious metal or gold jewelry to any scrap gold dealer it is always a wise thing to do some due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are USGoldBuyers
USGoldBuyers started in July 2001. Anna Skvir is the Vice President of U.S. Gold Buyers, Inc. Between June 2004 and December 2005 changed from Windsor estates to goldbuyers Inc are now a subsidiary of U.S. GoldBuyers, Inc. (New York based Corporation) and are located at 62 West 47th Street, New York NY, 10036.

How does US Gold Buyers Work
They operate very simply. Call them by phone and you can arrange a same day pick up of your scrap gold. When you enclose your gold in the envelope provided and include all your details, such as name, all contact details and a description of the scrap gold or other precious metal or jewelry.

US Gold Buyers will receive your gold the following day and will begin the process of testing and weighing to establish the value based on that days gold price.

A tracking receipt is left with you when you send off your gold so you can log in to the carrier or call them and find out the progress of your package.

All scrap gold packages received are opened and logged under camera security: Every transfer of scrap gold, silver and other valuables require a signature.

Prior to processing, all lots are weighed to verify the weight. Once processed, the gold, other precious metals, jewelry and so forth, then get re-weighed and recorded.

What do US Gold Buyers Buy
USGoldBuyers buy the usual scrap gold, other precious metals and jewelry. Here are is a basic list.
10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 24k Gold
Bench Scrap
Credit Suisse and other gold bars
Silver, Silverware, Sterling Silver
Used Jewelry,
Broken Jewelry
What does US Gold Buyers Pay
U.S. Gold Buyers state the company pays 96% of the spot price for five ounces or more and on a sliding scale for lower weights. You can overnight your scrap gold and jewelry and get a quote the following day. If you like the quote payment will be immediate, if not your items are returned at no extra charge.

USGoldBuyers Payment Options

All payments will be made within 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise. Will need to advise USGoldBuyers which method of payment you would like with the relevant details.
Western Union
Bank Wire ($2500 and above)
Company Check
All payments are based upon the amount and weight of precious metal in the material you send.

For 5 ounces and over, 96% of the spot gold price is paid. A sliding scale applies for amounts under 5 ounces.

USGoldBuyers Guarantee Against Loss
U.S,. Gold Buyers will guaranty against loss of the total contents which are shipped to them. U.S. Gold Buyers state their liability is limited to one-third (1/3) of the value of the total content, or One Hundred Dollars, whichever is less. If there is no original sales slip or appraisal, U.S. Gold Buyers liability will be limited to Thirty Three Dollars. If there is an original sales slip or appraisal, U.S. Gold Buyers liability will be limited to One Hundred Dollars as set forth herein above. However, this Guaranty shall apply only to merchandise which are shipped with one of the carriers that is used by U.S. Gold Buyers

The Last Word on USGoldBuyers
USGoldBuyers are registered with the Better Business Bureau and the New York City Dept of Consumer Affairs. They are associated with the National Assoc of Dental Labs, a JVC member since 2007 and registered with TRUSTe.

Here is a write up in the Wall Street Journal by a customer of USGoldBuyers.

"I went back to the Internet and found a gold broker in the heart of Manhattan's diamond district, U.S. Gold Buyers, which buys and refines precious metals. A customer-service representative said the company pays 96% of the spot price for five ounces or more and on a sliding scale for lower weights. …

Using the company's Federal Express account, I sent off the loot, and the next day a salesman called with a quote just as gold hit its new $949-an-ounce high. U.S. Gold Buyers' offer: $1,570.17. Sold. My check arrived the following Tuesday."

If you have sold any scrap gold, gold coins, gold jewelry or gold bullion to, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and payments including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Midwest Refineries

Here is some information about Midwest Refineries, a scrap gold dealer and gold and precious metals refiner. Before you sell gold or any other precious metal or gold jewelry to a scrap gold dealer it is always wise to do your own due diligence to find out as much about them as possible.

Who are Midwest Refineries
Based in Waterford, Minnesota, USA, Midwest Refineries have been in business as a gold, platinum and silver scrap buyer, smelter and refiner since 1939. In April 1999, they set up their first web site and the contact point is Gary Frenkel who is, presumably the person in charge of this side of the Midwest Refinery business.

Midwest Refineries Customer Service

Midwest Refineries state there is no minimum amount of scrap gold, platinum and silver. No amount is too small or too large.

They also do not charge any scrap gold, silver and platinum refiners fees or refining charges, nor assay fees or treatment charges. There is also no inbound troy ounce weight charges on any gold, silver and platinum bearing precious metal material!

On the website it states, "Our modern assay laboratory and our commitment to service, insures you will receive the highest settlements and returns for your gold materials. If you have not used Midwest Refineries before, we would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you as gold buyers, smelters and refiners. We are confident you will be satisfied with your gold transaction with us. We are proud of our reputation as gold refiners and will continue to service all our customers, large and small, with integrity and trust. We are never too busy to talk to you about your particular gold materials and how we may be of benefit to you."

They claim it is also not necessary to remove any enamel or cement from dental gold scrap. Remove all precious stones, diamonds gemstones that you DO want to keep, as any stones left in the karat gold jewelry scrap are vaporized in the melting process.

The turn around time is expected to be 3 to 5 working days.

What do Midwest Refineries Buy
Here is an extended list of the basic scrap gold and scrap silver Midwest Refineries will buy.
karat gold jewelry
gold class rings
gold bracelets
gold chain
gold earrings
gold wedding bands
gold dental crowns and bridgework
gold coins and bars
gold ingots
melted gold
gold wire
gold dust and sweeps
gold sheet,
casting gold and grain
gold watches
broken and unwanted gold scrap
gold nuggets
gold solder
gold sizing stock
gold alloys
gold sheet
gold screen and mesh
polishing and buffing dust
goldsmith's bench filings and sweeps
gold-filled scrap
gold bullion
placer gold
gold sponge
gold shot
gold findings
gold flake
Midwest refineries does not accept gold-plated material or gold electronic scrap.
sterling silver jewelry
silver rings
silver chain
silver bracelets
silver earrings
silver necklaces
sterling silver flatware and hollowware
silver flake from photo film recovery
electrolytic recovered silver
silver wire
silver sheet
silver mesh
silver tubing
mirror silver powders
antique silver items
coin silver
silver coins and bars
dental laboratory scraps and miscasts
silver dental crowns
silver inlays and caps
silver findings
Midwest Refineries also collect Platinum and other precious metals.

How to Sell Scrap Gold and Silver to Midwest Refineries

Package up your gold, silver or platinum in a sturdy container or box that will withstand any damage while being shipped. Strong tape is recommended to properly seal your shipment. Ship all precious metals with insurance (recommended) via the U.S. Post Office, UPS, Fed ex, or any shipper you choose.

Be sure to include all of your contact information including name, address, daytime phone number, any cell or mobile phone number and e-mail address if you have one. It is not necessary to list every item you are sending but it is advisable. Indicate the type of material you are sending, for example, 10K, 14K, sterling silver, platinum wire and the weight of your materials, if known. Also you should indicate the type of payment or settlement you want, be it cheque, bank wire or in kind (see Payment Options below). In addition, if you want a price before settlement, indicate that you want a call with the price first.

How Much Do Midwest Refineries Pay
Midwest Refineries claim they will pay 94 percent of the amount of pure gold contained in your order. Settlement is based on the market price on the day your order is completed and ready for settlement and there are no fees attached to that.

For silver, Midwest Refineries pays 88% of the amount of pure silver contained in your order for sterling silver (.925), like flatware and jewelry and photographic silver flake. Midwest Refineries pays 92% for pure silver (. 999) bars, and coins and 90% of the amount of pure silver contained in U.S. coin silver (90%).

Midwest Refineries Payment Options
Midwest Refineries will pay a settlement either by Cheque, bank wire or in gold, silver bars, coins and rounds and even all three or a combination of the three if desired. Make sure you state very clearly what type of settlement you want and be very specific, especially when it comes to bars and rounds.

Gold will attract a fee of 18 USD over what the current spot price is on pricing. Silver, a fee of 1.50USA over spot.

For platinum you will need to inquire on pricing.

The Last Word on Midwest Refineries
Smelting is the separation of precious metal from non-metallic impurities. This is a necessary activity to separate scrap gold and scrap silver from other metals such as in rings of a lower karat for example.

Midwest Refineries state they are committed in using the correct and accurate evaluation methods of all precious metal shipments from their customers.

Midwest refineries also state that their modern assay laboratory guarantees that all precious metals are tested using the most suitable methods of evaluation. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium are assayed (determination of precious metal purity) in various ways to accurately and precisely evaluate each metal’s percentage of purity.

If you have sold any scrap gold, gold coins, gold jewelry or gold bullion to, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and payments, including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.